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Zašto Trex?

Why Trex?

The Trex house is the most efficient living space that gives us flexibility forever. Thanks to fully modular and mobile construction system, the Trex house can be from 30m2 up to 150m2 or more, depending on your current needs and possibilities.

Prije svega, modularno

First of all, modular

The space is always perfectly used thanks to modular walls that can easily be disassembled or assembled on the wanted place.

Standardized adding of modules for increasing of living space and mobile fundaments that we use give you the possibility to change the room layout even after moving in or to move to a different location in any time.

Najsuvremenija proizvodnja

Latest trends in manufacturing

Trex houses are built by an automotive standard with latest trends and materials in the manufacturing process which gives us the best possible price-quality ratio.

The dimensions of the base modules are 600 x 250 cm, so they are prepared for transportation without any special permits. This means that the costs of transportation and assembly are minimal.

Otporno na sve vemenske uvjete

Resistant to all weather conditions

The base of every Trex house is a statically calculated steel construction that is mechanically stable and protected from all weather conditions.

The constructions of both the house and the modular walls are prepared with holds for a forklift, crane or a special undercarriage which allows to simply manipulate on the delivery sight and reduces the build time to a couple of hours.

Floor section
Presjek poda
Wall section
Presjek zida
Ceiling section
Presjek stropa
Roof section
Presjek krova
Mislimo na okoliš

We think about the environment

We specially care about the materials we use. Trex houses are energy efficient meaning that the heating costs are minimal.

The biggest part in this has of course the cellulose insulation which is made out of recycled paper. It is not only based on natural materials, it is also one of the best thermal and sound insulation on the market. Cellulose is used on all external surfaces and thus the loss of energy is minimized.

U potpunosti personalizirano

Entirely personalized

The Trex house “breaths” not only because the used insulation but also due to ventilated facade which is installed on the whole surface of the house. It comes in a variety of colours and materials which make a nice combo with the windows. Those are made out of PVC or aluminium in color that match with the facade, with our without blinds.

Pametan interijer

Smart interior

Thanks to the possibilities of fully automating the Trex home, which gives us even more comfort while reducing the cost, the house determines itself how much light it needs or whether the temperature is optimal. With the Smart Home App you can manage the house wherever you are.

In addition to the automation, we also use space-saving furniture so that the retractable bed when is not needed becomes a three-seater, allowing unobstructed movement in the home.

Ready to move in

Each furnished Trex house is fully equipped with all the necessary appliances, closets and other furniture, air conditioning and heating.

Kitchen: built-in oven, induction cooker, sink, built-in refrigerator/freezer, built-in dishwasher, built-in microwave oven, built-in hood. Bathroom: shower with glass hob, washbasin, washing machine, toilet bowl, electric water heater.

Dear visitors, we inform you that TREX Living System does not have open co-operation with sales agents outside of the company. We encourage you to take extra care and to communicate with us solely using the options and information available on this website.