TREX Family 90+

We have placed as many as 3 bedrooms in less than 100 square meters. The bathroom, L-shaped kitchen with dining area and living room are located in the right wing of the TREX house. 3 bedrooms are located in the left wing. The entrance area and hallway are positioned in the center, so that 90 square meters of living space is used in the best possible way.

Basic TREX Family 90+ modular package
Floor plan of a furnished house

*Furnished: Includes bathroom and kitchen furniture



90 m2 + 15 m2 terrace


12.0 x 7.5 x 3.0 m


1 bathroom + 3 bedrooms


Number of modules:

6 large housing modules
Terrace module

Module dimensions:

6.0 x 2.5 x 3.0 m


Smaller and larger models of TREX houses
TREX Family 90+ modular construction method

Exterior of housing modules

Featuring a high-strength steel structure, the modern exterior of the TREX house is designed to protect the home from all weather conditions and provide a high level of comfort.

Exterior walls with high quality insulation Roof construction with high quality insulation Triple pane windows Floor construction with insulation and installations

Wall construction and facade

The ventilated facade allows minimal heating and cooling costs, keeping the home interior fresh in the summer and pleasantly warm in the winter.

Standard TREX home modules include:

  1. Plasterboard
  2. OSB board
  3. Wood construction with cellulose as thermal insulation
  4. OSB board
  5. Impregnation
  6. Rockwool adhesive
  7. Rockwool
  8. Reinforcement adhesive
  9. Reinforcement mesh
  10. Smoothing adhesive
  11. Impregnation
  12. Finishing silicate decorative paint
  • Module connection without wall moldings
  • Additional 10 cm of stone wool as thermal insulation

As an additional option, the facade finish can be made from:

  • Composite wood of various textures
  • Composite aluminum panels of various colors

Ceiling and roof construction

Thanks to the steel structure that makes up the skeleton of each module, the roof of the TREX modular house is of extremely high strength and load-bearing capacity, whether it is a flat, gable or hip roof.

Standard TREX house modules include a flat roof with high quality drainage, while the ceiling includes thermal and sound insulation that contributes to low energy consumption and the comfort of the home itself. The ceiling includes:

  1. TPO membrane roofing with 2% slope
  2. Glass wool as thermal insulation
  3. OSB board
  4. Cellulose as thermal insulation
  5. OSB board
  6. Vapor barrier
  7. Plasterboard

If your local law prescribes specific building conditions, TREX modular homes can be built with a hipped roof or gable roof of a specific pitch. Additional hip or gable roof construction includes:

  1. Roof sandwich panel
  2. Steel construction with thermal insulation
  3. Waterproof vapor permeable foil
  4. Additional 10cm of stone wool as thermal insulation

Floor construction

The floor and its solid steel construction, in addition to storing all your home’s installations, make sure your home is warmly heated during the cold months and easy to maintain, all while contributing to the design of your interior.

Standard TREX house modules include:

  1. Laminate flooring in all rooms and tiles in the bathroom
  2. Electric underfloor heating “WARMUP”
  3. OSB board and waterproof panel
  4. Steel construction with thermal insulation and installations
  5. Galvanized sheet metal all over the surface

The following options are available when configuring your TREX home:

  • Different laminate variants
  • Different parquet variants
  • Different bathroom tile variants

TREX terrace

The TREX Terrace Module is designed to maximize your living space and connect the interior of your home to the garden and yard. The perfect way to move your living room under the starry sky during the warm summer months!

Each model of the modular TREX “Family” home includes:

  1. Uncovered terrace module measuring 2.5 × 6.0 m
  2. Built-in decking made of wood-plastic composite panels, easy to maintain and weatherproof

Additional options available:

  • Fixed covered terrace
  • Covering the awning terrace
  • Tempered glass terrace fence
  • Composite wood terrace fence

Windows and doors

The windows and doors of TREX modular homes make a point in a cozy, safe and energy-efficient home. In addition to meeting daylight quality, three-ply insulating glass contributes to low energy consumption.

Standard TREX house modules include:

  1. PVC joinery with three-ply insulating glass
  2. Fixed, sliding or tilt & slide glass doors

Additional options available:

  • Exterior electric shutters
  • Exterior electric blinds
  • Mosquito blinds

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Interior of housing modules

Contemporary interior designed for uncompromising comfort.

Smart home system Furnished and fully functional bathroom Fully equiped kitched with all appliances Underfloor heating all over the house

Fully equipped kitchen

Fully equipped modern kitchen ready for use.

Standard TREX house modules include:

  1. Kitchen elements
  2. Single sink
  3. Induction hob with 2 seats
  4. Built-in hood for pull-out
  5. Built-in oven
  6. Built-in microwave
  7. Dishwasher
  8. Built-in refrigerator/freezer
  9. Extra drawable work surface

Additional options available:

  • Extended kitchen elements
  • Kitchen wall paneling with wooden paneling or ceramic tiles
  • 4-place induction hob

Furnished bathroom

Furnished and equipped bathroom ready for use.

Standard TREX house modules include:

  1. Bathroom sets – “L” or “I” shape
  2. Bathroom sink with faucet
  3. Shower cabin with faucet and tempered glass door
  4. Monoblock toilet with integrated flusher
  5. Washing machine
  6. Electric water heater of 50 L

Additional options available:

  • A choice of different textures for bathroom tiles
  • 80 liter electric water heater
  • Toilet with built-in Geberit flusher

Heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting

Carefully engineered heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting are responsible for the highest levels of comfort and the lowest energy consumption in your TREX modular home.

Standard TREX house modules include:

  1. Underfloor heating “WARMUP” in all rooms
  2. Built-in LED lighting
  3. Thermostat in the living room

Additional options available:

  • Air recuperator
  • Thermostats in each room
  • External electrical outlet
  • Preparation for solid fuel furnace installation
  • TV connection installations
  • Preparation for photovoltaic cells

Smart home

The TREX smart home system allows you to control the home remotely and automate many actions.

Additional options available:

  1. Built-in smart home system
  2. Mobile home function management application:
    • Lighting
    • Blinds
    • Air conditioner
    • Boiler
    • Underfloor heating “WARMUP”

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A new, modular construction method and a modern approach to housing make it a wonderful experience to build a home. Why is TREX the ideal solution for anyone who wants to build their new home without much hassle?


Moving in just 6 months after getting a building permit


Customizable using housing modules, turnkey project, one-day assembly


An energy efficient home results in significant savings on use and maintenance


Smart home system, automation and remote control

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Graphical representations of the TREX Family 90+ modular house