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Trex Camp

Trex Camp

Starting price – unfurnished: 20.000,00€

Starting price – furnished: 24.000,00€

Prices do not include VAT.


30m2 surface and 15m2 terrace (brutto)


Dimensions 6,0 x 5,0 x 3,0m

2 housing modules of 6,0 x 2,5 x 3,0m

Terrace of 5,8 x 2,4m






Included: reduced kitchen elements, single bowl sink with drainer and tap, 2 zone induction cooktop, built-in slide-out range hood, built-in oven, built-in microwave, built-in refrigerator/freezer

Additional equipment on request: acrylic splashback, glass splashback





Included: cabinet bathroom set, sink and tap, shower cabin with tap and tempered glass door, wall-hung toilet with built-in tank, electric water heater 50L

Additional equipment on request: washing machine, vinyl splashbacks, electric water heater 80L



Living room


Included: prepared TV installations



Miscellaneous – interior


Included: electric underfloor heating, air conditioning, LED lighting, smart home application, regular door, vinyl floor coverings throughout the entire surface of the house, interior walls painted white

Additional equipment on request: ceiling heating/cooling using heat pump, air recuperator, sliding door




Ventilated facade


Included: aluminum panels of various colors

Additional equipment on request: composite lumber of various colors, cement-bonded wood fiber, composite panels of various colors





Included: flat roof

Additional equipment on request: hip roof, gable roof





Included: terrace module

Additional equipment on request: terrace roofing, retractable awning, tempered glass terrace fence, composite lumber terrace fence



Doors and windows


Included: PVC doors and windows, regular glass door

Additional equipment on request: aluminum doors and windows, sliding glass door, external electric blinds, external electric jalousies



Miscellaneous – exterior


Included: outdoor LED lighting

Additional equipment on request: front door canopy, external electrical outlet



The starting price of the furnished Trex Camp package is 24.000,00€, while the starting price of the unfurnished is 20.000,00€. The costs of project documentation, transportation and assembly depend on the location.

Informative representation of the furnished house layout

Trex Camp plan Download plan

Informative representation of a possible house layout

Trex Camp plan Download plan

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