What is TREX?

(r)evolution in home construction

The modern way of life in the 21st century is very different from that of previous generations. Our habits and needs are changing day by day, faster than ever before. While the past has been characterized by stability and planning for decades ahead, today our priorities are speed, simplicity, mobility, greater automation, economy and environmental awareness. These needs are perhaps most evident in housing.

That is why TREX’s vision is to become more than just a home-building company. After the first and second generation of construction – traditional construction and prefabricated construction, the third generation, that is, an innovative modular construction method, allows all of us to solve our housing problem easier, faster, simpler and cheaper, with never greater value for money. At its core, TREX is a step into an easier, simpler and better quality life – right where it all begins – in your own home.



A new, modular construction method and a modern approach to housing make it a wonderful experience to build a home. Why is TREX the ideal solution for anyone who wants to build their new home without much hassle?


Moving in just 6 months after getting a building permit


Customizable using housing modules, turnkey project, one-day assembly


An energy efficient home results in significant savings on use and maintenance


Smart home system, automation and remote control

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