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Modular house of the future

The Trex house is the most efficient living space that gives us flexibility forever

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Why Trex?

Thanks to fully modular and mobile construction system, the Trex house can be from 30m2 up to 150m2 or more, depending on your current needs and possibilities.

Any time changeable living space

By adding or removing of housing modules you can change the living space from 30m2 up to 150m2.

Fast and easy placement

Standardized modules connect seamlessly on mobile fundaments.

Individual room layout even after moving in

Modular walls give you the possibility to use the space in the best way.

Energy efficient

High/end natural insulation made of recycled paper.

Triple glazed windows

Highest standards in the building process

Smart interior features

Energy saving and optimal use of living space with smart furniture.

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Interijer Trex kuće
Interijer Trex kuće

14 March 2018

Interijer Trex kuće zamislili smo kao prazno platno koje će investitori oslikati u skladu sa svojim ukusom i potrebama.

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Trex kuće na kat
Trex kuće na kat

7 March 2018

Osluškujući želje i potrebe klijenata projektni odjel tvrtke Tremak d.o.o. iznjedrio je prvu Trex kuću na kat...

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Trex Market kiosci
Trex Market kiosci

28 February 2018.

Donosimo dobre vijesti! Osim obiteljskih Trex kuća i Trex kuća za odmor našu ponudu obogatili smo odličnim rješenjem...

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